eBay said that they will launch a warehousing and delivery service for merchants selling through their platform next year. This is a new strategy that is expected to attract more sellers to the e-commerce platform.

The program is currently being tested in the United States and Germany and is similar to the Fulfillment By Amazon service, which allows retailers to rent warehouse locations around the world so they can store their inventory closer to their customers.

For a long time, eBay was the top destination for sellers before Amazon took the market with the help of the FBA.

The eBay CEO has said the company will target two-day free shipping on the program.

Here’s a little more about the eFulfillment Service (EFS) program:

eFulfillment Service (EFS) will support eBay and other online marketers by taking on many of the annoying tasks required to run an online business, including:

  • Receiving the goods;
  • Product inspection;
  • Storage of inventory;
  • Fulfilling an order;
  • Delivery;
  • Processing of returned goods.

The services that will be offered under the program are:

Receiving and storage inventory:

eBay merchants will be able to save their goods at low-cost fulfillment centers and without any long-term storage fees.

Once the goods are in a warehouse, their good condition will be guaranteed, then stored in a designated area in the fulfillment center, and each trader will have access to web-based fulfillment software that will allow constant monitoring of the levels of goods, orders and shipments.

Packing Orders:

Here are some of the additional features and benefits of eBay fulfillment services:

  • Orders will be packed and shipped within one business day;
  • The packaging of the orders will be customizable according to customer requirements;
  • Receiving confirmations and tracking information sent to merchant and customer;
  • Detailed status reports on orders;
  • Orders can be received manually, through a CSV file, or automatically through XML integration.

Product Shipping

Delivery options will range from low cost to reliable overnight delivery, eFulfillment Service will provide eBay sellers with a variety of delivery methods to satisfy their customers. I will deal both in America and internationally. Orders will be packed and shipped within one business day.

Return Processing:

eFulfillment Service will also process order returns for eBay merchants.

When the orders are returned, a notification will be sent to the seller about the condition of the goods and new products will be sent to the customers if necessary, and the seller of the goods will be informed accordingly.

Technology for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

This is a service that will be appropriate for eBay merchants who have their online store and/or sell through other online platforms.

The fulfillment Control Panel will be able to be integrated into over 30 of the most popular online shopping platforms, making it easier to process orders from multiple sales channels at one time.

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