What can you learn from the sport and trainings?

1st.Nov.2018. Tsvetan Radushev

Hello from me, Tsvetan Radushev

Today I will tell you about the benefits of sport and how important are the trainings

When I was young,about 10 years old. I was very eager to be trained in basketball and my parents enrolled me.

It is obvious that a child at this age can could not be so serious, but I visited the trainings regularly and liked them. After several years I noticed that all the people who trained together with me have become more communicative,better and healthier. By that time I have not thought like the way I think at the moment. I have known these people until this day

I have trained for about 10 years. When I grew up and was a member of the youth team, the trainer started treating us more strictly. There were days in which we trained twice a day. Every morning we ran on the tennis court, behind the hall just in shorts and gymnastics shoes, sometimes with sneakers. When in the morning you have to train naked outside your organism is being shocked. After some time I noticed that the people who trained together with me have become healthier physically and haven’t fallen ill.

These are some of the positive sides of sport-you learn to be disciplined and make your organism more enduring.

Several years later, as a man who has practiced basketball,volleyball, running, swimming, fitness, dancing and yoga I can say that without sport people people can not feel well

I want to emphasize that there is a big difference whether you practice sports just for being healthy or professionally

If you train professionally you may take some steroid in order to stand out, but if it is just for health , it is senseless to become extremely big, to nourish your self more than it is normal to take 50 additives and to strive to look just like the models from the magazines. This overloads your organism. The big muscle mass makes the body immobile.

Find your sport! The benefits from this are great

If you train group sports you learn some things which the individual sport is impossible to give you. I want to share that with you. I myself am impressed by training of the folk dances. A friend of mine from Varna set up a group for beginners there. Many people call this activity a dance but for me it is a sport.

Dances give you many emotions which sustain your organism lively

They can help you to release yourself from the stress. This issue has always been debatable.

Concerning the additives, it is good to take them but in a moderate quantity.

Train yourselves in order to be healthy, to look like well and to be fit (not only physically).