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In this article, I will show you how to receive compensation from Amazon for delayed shipping according to their policy, with the help of Paribus.co

Guaranteed 2-day free shipping from Amazon!

Amazon promises their Prime members a 2-day free shipment of charge for millions of their products. But what will happen if the package arrives later than the delivery time, promised by Amazon? That happens sometimes and can be an inconvenience if the package doesn’t arrive when expected.

When you have a package with a promised 2-day shipment but arrives later than the time promised – Amazon can actually compensate you.

What kind of compensation can we expect from Amazon for delayed shipping?

Here are a few examples for the compensation you can receive:

  • A full refund of the money and expenses for the shipment;
  • Amazon credit for the amount of $40 after multiple delayed orders;
  • $10 credit added to your account that you can also shop with, in Amazon;
  • $5 credit added to your account that you can also shop with, in Amazon;
  • Free Amazon Prime subscription for 1 month;

How do we receive compensation for a late shipment from Amazon?

After you establish that you are eligible for compensation from Amazon, you need to contact them. The best option is to go to their “Contact Us” page and choose “Chat right now”.

Amazon Chat right now

When you start chatting, you need to kindly ask for some kind of compensation because your order is late.

Here is an example:

“Hi – my order #(order number)  was supposed to arrive on August 04th but arrived on August 05th. Could you help me get compensated for the delay through your shipping promise? Thank you very much.”

Using Paribus to track delayed shipments and asking for compensation with Account Credit.

If you want to take advantage of delayed shipping for an order but don’t have the time to check one-by-one if they are delayed – there is another option.

Paribus is a free feature that tracks our online purchases from Target, Walmart and other online stores and if their price lowers, Paribus automatically requests the difference from the old price and the new one. This is called Price Match. Amazon, however, has no such policy but does have one for guaranteed shipping and if the delivery of your orders is late even with one day – you have the right to ask for a compensation.

The feature that Paribus has, called “Shipment Monitoring”, which automatically identifies and tracks the shipment of purchases made at selected online retailers including Amazon and Walmart. If our order gets delivered later than promised by the seller, Paribus will contact them to ask for compensation.

You simply need to register at the Paribus website, turn on the option “Shipment Monitoring” in your settings and all of the purchases you make on your connected accounts in Amazon and Walmart will be tracked and you can receive compensation if any of them have delayed shipment.

To register you need to accept the terms and conditions by choosing “I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Notice” and click Sign up with Google where you need to use the same e-mail address to which you receive e-mails from Amazon regarding orders. If you are not using a Google e-mail, there are options for Yahoo, Microsoft. And if you are not using either of those, you can select “Use another email provider?”.

Paribus Sign-up

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