You can watch the video that I made below!

In this article, I will explain why I get the decision to live on the sea all summer and to work from the beach. 

Maybe some of you know that in the last 3 years I live on the sea just because I love my freedom.
Freedom is that all of us likes and we want it. Just to not have boss worktime and workplace. To work from whatever you want!

Sunny Beach is in Bulgaria and maybe is one of the most famous destinations in Europe.

First, I want to say that I will speak about motivation, about how to live wherever you want and how to do the things that you like and to make money from that.

The first and manly reason to live on Sunny Beach is to practice my English because I am not a native speaker and I know how important is that if you want to be successful.

I was shy when I recorded my first video in English as an influencer. You can see it at the top of that article. I hope you to like the video. If you like it just thumbs up to support me.

I get the decision to create an Instagram group and to record some videos and photos for free for everyone in Sunny Beach every evening after sunset. I will create good and free stuff for everyone for free. If somebody doesn’t like some of the photos I will remove them immediately from Instagram and Facebook.

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My main business is online sales. I am an online seller and I have a few software platforms, but that is not the most important thing in this article.

Actually, I want to show everyone that is possible to live wherever they want. Just to pick some destination in the world and to do whatever they love and to make some profit from that, because this is the most important thing in life – EVERYBODY TO BE HAPPY! This is the reason to write this article and to record that video just to show that is possible to make whatever you want from every place in the world!