In Today’s article, I will show you how to list your first product in eBay.

The first thing that we need to do is select Selling from the My eBay menu. Then select the option to publish your first product by going to Listings –> Create listings. eBay will then ask you what exactly do you intend to sell. You can publish anything you have at home. The first sale to realize should be from your home country, since eBay does not tolerate dropshipping you should publish a fictive product (something you have at home) and pretend that you are selling it, then someone you know can buy it from you. Take a few photos of the product and publish it.

After you have described what you intend to sell eBay automatically chooses the category of the product (for example, if it is an air freshener it will be in the category Air Fresheners).

In the UPC field select Does not apply (UPC is the barcode of the product). If you have one you may fill it in. It is recommended to apply a UPC.

Choose the Condition of the product to be new with tags.

Add the photos of the product you took.

Fill out all of the details in the Item specifics fields (Brand, Type, Color, Model, MPN number, country of manufacture, etc.)

Then you have to create a description of the product in the section Item description. It is important for the description to be as detailed as possible.

For Format you can select Auction Style or Fixed Price. If you select Auction Style it means that people can bid for it. It is good, however, to pick Fixed Price because you can select the price the product sells for.

For Duration (the continuity of the posted product) you can select one of the options offered by eBay. The maximum duration is 30 days. Which means that the product we sell will be active for 30 days.

From Payment options select Require immediate payment with Buy it Now. This means that the client should have to pay for the product instantly.

You can fill out the Sales Tax but only if you have a registered company in the USA – otherwise it is illegal and I do not advise you to do so.

Return options – choose 30 days. By law the clients can return goods in the period of 30 days. You should also select that the seller will cover the return expenses.

Select long-period shipment (11-35 business days) with $5 shipping from Shipping options since this is a fictive sale.

Handling Time is the time it takes you to send the product. If you have chosen for example, 5 business days and the client purchases the product on Monday this means that you should ship the goods by next Monday.

For International shipping select No international shipping meaning that the product cannot be bought by people outside the USA.

Select all tick boxes in the Create exclusion list. If you are dropshipping the USA you have to un-tick all the other countries. In this case, choose only your county of residence because someone from there needs to purchase the product fictively.

Double-check if everything is in order with the post before publishing it and click List item.

And now your first product is published!

I hope you found this article useful.

Check out the video I made on the topic below:

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