In this article, I will try to help users who have had eBay and PayPal accounts but have been suspended by eBay for one reason or another.

Lately, a lot of people have this problem and wonder how they could sell again.

One solution is to create an eBay Stealth account.

In a few easy steps, I will explain in detail what you need to create an eBay Stealth account.

1️⃣ Makeup names and addresses;

2️⃣ With the names and address already thought out, you need to order documents – ID or passport (passport is a better option) from this site ?https: //

3️⃣ Create a new user on your computer and log in every time;

creating new user windows

creating new user windows

4️⃣ Find a SIM card that is not in your name, and that has the Internet;

5️⃣ Connect the mobile Internet to your computer via the SIM card and from there register a new eBay and PayPal account with the names and addresses you have already invented;

6️⃣ Create a spreadsheet to record the IP you log in each time. You can do this by typing my IP on google. Each time you restart your phone, you will receive a new IP. It is very important that you record this IP every time in the created table;

7️⃣ Connect inkfrog to an already registered eBay account. List items, service orders and respond to your clients via inkfrog

ebay Inkfrog

Only enter eBay and PayPal if necessary! Be sure to check and record the IP you are logging in to the table!

8️⃣ Get a debit card that is not in your name. It is very important that you have access to online banking to be able to verify your debit card after you have added it to PayPal;

9️⃣Sign up for Payoneer through this link ?https: //

By registering through this link, you will be able to order a debit card. Payoneer requires you to work with affiliate programs so you can order a debit card from them. With this affiliate program, you are entitled to a free dollar debit card, and you will not have to pay any fees when transferring money. The delivery of a debit card takes place within 28 days but usually happens in a faster time. Once you receive the card you will be able to transfer money and make payment procedures;

You can order your Payoneer debit card at any address you want. It does not have to be your personal address;

? While waiting for your Payoneer debit card to arrive, you can transfer money from Payoneer to a bank via wire transfer;

1️⃣1️⃣ After you have already ordered and received the documents (ID or passport) by e-mail from item 2, it is necessary to order a bank statement with your passport or ID card details and your Payoneer account data from the same site ? https: //

You can view your Payoneer account details from the ReceiveGlobal Payment Service. Then you need to click on the bank account you created, and it will show you the information you need to make a bank statement.

payoneer receive money

payoneer bank account information

1️⃣2️⃣ While waiting for your bank statement, you can upload an English account to PayPal directly;