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In this article, I will show you how to calculate your exact profits from eBay! It is necessary for your business as well as for accounting purposes.

To do so, I am using two completely free tools. The first one is smpro.net. The only condition here is that you need to have your eBay account linked to it beforehand. You can do that by clicking Connect to and choose the market you’re selling at (eBay.com or eBay.co.uk).

eBay profile connect

The next step is selecting TOOLS and clicking the Sales Report. Select how the number of days you want the sales report from and click Generate Report 

Sales Report

After that, open an Excel table where the date of the order is in the first column, the number of the product in eBay in the second one, the phone number of the client in the third one, the e-mail of the client in the fourth, the name of the client in the fifth, the order number in eBay in the sixth, the price of the product in eBay in the seventh and the PayPal tax in the last one. The Supplier column is the only column that has to be filled out manually. You have to fill out the total price of the bought product from the supplier (plus delivery if applicable). In the column Clear Revenue you have to set the formula: =H2-I2-J2-K2  which means: the price of the product in eBay minus the tax in eBay minus the PayPal tax minus the price of the bought product from the supplier. In the column Total, in the first row set the formula: M2+L3 which calculates your profit from the first row in the column Total plus the profit from the second row of the column Clear Revenue and that way, when you drag the second row with your mouse downwards the column will calculate the profit for all of your orders.

We go back to smpro.net where the Sales Report is already generated. On the right, you will see an icon with an arrow. Click it and choose to download the report in MS-Excel format.

MS Excel format

Then go back to the Excel table. Choose File –> Open –> Upload and select the downloaded report. When it loads, select the orders you want to copy and paste it into your table. Paste it into the table by clicking the first-row first column. The columns Clean Revenue and Total calculate automatically since the formulas there are already set. What is left is to set a formula for the column PayPal PT (PayPal’s taxes). The PayPal tax differs depending on the store. A new store’s tax is 4.4% from the price of the product in eBay + $0.30. The formula there is: (H2*0.044)+0.3

Meaning of each column:

A – Date of the order

B – Product number in eBay

C – Phone number of the client

D – eBay account name

E – e-mail

F – First and last name

G – Order number from eBay

H – Total price paid by the client

I – Tax in eBay

J – PayPal tax

K – Total price for the Supplier

L – Profit from the specific product

M – Total profit for the Month

You can download the table for accounting in eBay and calculating your profits at the link below:

➡  Online Table

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