eBay stated that they will be starting a warehousing and order shipment feature for online shop-keepers who sell on their platform in the upcoming year. This is a new strategy that is expected to attract more retailers to the online trading platform.

Currently, the program is being tested in the United States and Germany and is similar to the feature “Fulfillment By Amazon”, which allows retailers to rent storage spaces around the world so that they can store their inventory near their customers.

eBay was a top destination for the retailers for a long while before Amazon conquered the market with the help of FBA.

The executive director of eBay stated that, regarding the program, the company will be directed to 2-day free shipment.

Here’s a bit more on the program eFulfillment Service (EFS):

eFulfillment Service (EFS) will support eBay and other online market shop-keepers, by taking on many of the tedious tasks, necessary for an online business establishment such as:

  • Receiving the goods;
  • Product check;
  • Inventory storage;
  • Fulfilling an order;
  • Shipment;
  • Handling of returned goods;

The features that the program will offer are:

Receipt and storage of inventory:

eBay merchants will be able to store their goods in fulfillment centers for low prices without any taxes for long-term storage.

After the goods are stored, their good condition will be guaranteed and they will be stored in a specific zone in the fulfillment center, and every merchant will have access to a web-based fulfillment software which will allow constant tracking of the levels of the goods, orders, and packages.

Packaging the orders:

Here are some of the additional functions and advantages of the feature eBay fulfillment services:

  • Orders will be packed and sent within one business day;
  • Order packages can be personalized depending on the customer’s demands;
  • Receiving confirmations and tracking information sent to the merchant and the client;
  • Detailed reports on the condition of the orders;
  • Orders can be received manually through CSV file or automatically via XML integration;

Product shipment:

The shipment options will vary from low cost to reliable shipment within one night. eFulfillment Service will provide the eBay merchants with diverse shipment methods to satisfy their clients. Shipment will be available in America as well as international. Orders will be packed and sent within one business day.

Handling returned goods:

eFulfillment Service will also handle order returns for shop owners in eBay.

When the orders are returned, a message will be sent to the merchant about the condition of the goods, and if necessary new products will be sent to clients while the merchant must be notified about it.

Multi-Channel Performance Technology:

This is a feature suitable for the shop owners in eBay that have their own online shop and/or sell with other online platforms.

The performance control panel of eFulfillment can be integrated into over 30 of the most popular platforms for online shops, which will ease the handling of orders from the majority of sales channels at the same time.

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